A Bucs Logo Change is a Good Thing

By: Booger McFarland

The Buccaneers are set to unveil a helmet change and logo change and I think it’s absolutely the right thing to do. And for those of you who think differently, you need to get with the times or be left behind.

The Bucs have been around since 1976. They made their first uniform change in 1997 going from the orange creamsicle Bucco Bruce to the sleek, menacing look of the pewter and red with the pirate flag, and today they do what most big companies in America do, they update their brand and imaging.

They’re not changing the football team, just the package that it’s presented in. When you buy a Mercedes Benz S class you can get all types of colors and features but the motor is still the same. The body changes a lot of things in our society and like it or not we have to embrace companies rebranding themselves to keep up with a society that always wants something new.

How many times have you gone to your mobile provider and said “give me the Samsung Galaxy S1” or “hey do you happen to carry that iPhone 3g?” Never because we want new. We want change. The Patriots, Vikings, Dolphins, Jaguars and Panthers have all made logo and/or uniform tweaks in recent years. So why not the Bucs?

I know most of you are going to embrace it, but for those of you who don’t, I ask you this: Did you feel the same way when the Tampa Bay Lightning changed theirs 3 times or what about the Tampa Bay Devil Rays I mean Tampa Bay Rays who have changed/tweaked their uniforms and logos numerous times? Exactly.

So as we all wait for the unveiling of the third change of helmet/logo in Buccaneer history, I tell you calm down and relax. It will be just fine. And if not deal with it.

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