Like many of you, I just couldn’t seem to find any interest in this year’s Winter Olympics. For a week I tried, but every time I turned the TV on they were showing Cross-Country Skiing or Ice Fishing or some other stupid “sport”. That all changed on Saturday…

I got up at 7:00 to watch the Team USA Hockey Team take on Russia and once again I was hooked. This was the most exciting hockey I had watched since well… The last Olympics. There’s just something about Olympic Hockey that gets me fired up!

I’m not the biggest NHL fan. I like the Lightning. I root for them and with my job being in sports radio, I keep up with them for work. I like them… but I don’t love them. I can’t watch an NHL game between 2 other teams unless it’s the Stanley Cup.

When it comes to Olympic Hockey though, especially Team USA, I am ALL IN!!! I don’t know what it is, but once every 4 years I become a hockey freak. Maybe it’s the level of play… These are the best of the best. The elite. Maybe it’s the larger ice surface that allows these unbelievable athletes to showcase their amazing abilities on the world stage…

Yes those reasons play a factor, but they pale in comparison for the feeling and pride you have when you root for your country. I get the same feeling every World Cup when I watch Team USA play soccer. So why is rooting for your country so much cooler than rooting for your favorite pro team??? Because Team USA is ours. It’s all of ours!!! Once every four years fans from Tampa Bay to San Jose get to go to the same party.

It’s rare for Americans, but in hockey, we get to be the underdog. All of us… Together. I was only two years old for The Miracle On Ice, but I know how important it was given the backdrop of those times. Thirty four years later it remains our proudest moment in American sports history.

While winning Gold for the first time since Lake Placid won’t be a “Miracle”; it will be a moment of pride. A moment of American pride. A moment where, Lightning and Bruins fans can celebrate together. A moment where democrats and republicans can put aside their differences. A moment where we can get off Facebook…

Here’s to hoping for the moment… And believing in the moment.


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