Michael Sam Has to Adapt to NFL Locker Rooms

By: Booger McFarland

Michael Sam announced that he is gay and the whole world stopped. ESPN dedicated hours to the coverage from show to show and we all kept saying this is no big deal. Well really it is. Although society is used to homosexuals walking around every day, the NFL is not, at least not openly.

I truly hope that Sam can come into the NFL and fit in. I truly hope that his play in the SEC can translate to the NFL. One thing is for sure, we just don’t know. We don’t know about a lot of things and one of them is the man himself.

So many players screamed the NFL is ready and it’s being blown out of proportion and if his Missouri teammates can do it so should a bunch of grown men. Well that’s exactly the reason why we don’t know, because of a bunch of grown men. I played in the NFL for 9 years and the one thing I can tell you is the NFL locker room is a lot different than college. You have the best football players in the world and they all have an ego of some sorts. They all feel as if the time of day stops with them, after all they are in the NFL.

Michael Sam will have to deal with the same jokes and rookie things that we all had to endure only this time, when a guy jokes about something being gay, he can’t be offended. Sam’s ability to understand the culture will go a long way to the culture understanding him. The locker room isn’t your normal work place and no matter how much society tries to make it, it’s never going to be, so get used to it.

In the end his ability to play will determine if he stays in the NFL for any period of time however his ability to adapt will determine how he starts in the NFL.

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