(AUDIO) Salary Cap Expert Joel Corry Says the Bucs Can’t Cut Carl Nicks

Joel Corry 2-13-14

Former agent and salary cap expert Joel Corry joined Booger and Rich to discuss the potential moves the Buccaneers could make this offseason.

Corry said that it’s difficult to just cut someone from an NFL team because of guaranteed money. Corry said the Bucs didn’t structure many of their contracts this way, but the way that Carl Nicks’ contract is set up, the Bucs would be on the hook for millions even if MRSA ends his career and they try to cut him loose.

Corry did say that the way Davin Joseph and Donald Penn’s contract are structured, the Bucs have the leverage if they want to restructure their contracts and give them less money. They can cut them with little to no cap repercussions.

Corry revealed that Darrelle Revis may want more security in his contract because he has no guaranteed money. This was the same issue he had in New York and the right now the Bucs could potentially cut him with no cap hit. Corry said it’s unlikely that Revis will allow the contract to remain that favorable for the Bucs.

Mike Williams has gotten into recent legal troubles but Corry says the Bucs will take nearly a $6 million cap hit if Williams is cut. He only counts around $2 million toward the cap on the roster, but cutting him would add nearly $4 million to that cap hit.


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