(AUDIO) Bomani Jones: Jeff Orr Looks Worse Than Marcus Smart

Bomani Jones 2-11-14

ESPN’s Bomani Jones joined Booger and Rich to give his take on Oklahoma State’s Marcus Smart and what the line is for fans and athletes when it comes to taunting and pushing.

Jones said he thought that Jeff Orr looked worse than Marcus Smart after the incident. Jones said he’s been to enough games at other college stadiums to know this kind of language isn’t the norm for fans. Jones even said that other teams have been warned about Orr and his taunting towards players.

Jones said that if Orr were to call someone a piece of crap somewhere else, like a bar, be would’ve gotten much worse than what Smart did to him.

Jones wants to know what Texas Tech is doing to get Jeff Orr to behave when he’s taunting players. He said they are the proprietor and they need to help control that, but they aren’t.

Jones said players can’t go into the crowd but fans feel way too protected in a crowd and feel like they can say whatever they want to these players. Jones also said that this incident is far worse than what Ron Artest did in Detroit when he actually voluntarily went into the crowd after a fan.

Michael Sam recently came out as a gay football player preparing for the NFL Combine. Jones said that it’s not like guys have never played with gay players before. Players ultimately can get by with it Jones said.


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