TAMPA, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – A new school has opened in Tampa which will offer classes to any and all people interested in learning more about medical marijuana.

Medical Marijuana Tampa is allowing those who wish to sign up for an “intensive, four week class … designed to teach you the advanced hydroponic and aeroponic techniques used by our master botanists to produce medical-grade marijuana.”

Those who take the class will also learn more about the jobs available in the medical marijuana industry.

The course costs $499, according to the school’s website, a cost that includes materials needed for the course such as videos, articles and an e-textbook.

According to Tech Times, the syllabus for the course promises that teachers will cover topics such as “growing fundamentals” and “sexing (of seeds).”

As medical marijuana is still illegal in the state of Florida, students will practice their skills on tomatoes and peppers instead of marijuana plants, the website additionally learned.

Those in charge at Medical Marijuana Tampa said on their website that they “seek to transform communities” through their work.

“Our motto is ‘Do well for others’ and we believe that by serving those in need, we all rise as a community and as a family,” the site states. “We know that having compassion and offering relief is a truly fundamental human desire – and doing our part means being available to you and your loved ones when you need it most.”


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