Oh Canada! Steven Stamkos is Being Selfish

By: Booger McFarland Twitter: @lsubooger

So which is more important to you: the Olympic gold medal or a Stanley Cup title? In some ways I think this is really an unfair question because we live in the United States of America. You see I’m of the belief that Steven Stamkos is property of the Tampa Bay Lightning and that his first loyalty should be to them and not Team Canada.

How would you feel if you are watching the broadcast from Sochi and all of a sudden the announcer says #91 is down? Our collective hearts would drop to our stomachs, at least I know mine would. We would immediately start to think “I hope that he’s ok. I hope that it’s not serious.” I’m here today to tell you there’s no need to even think that way.

Steven Stamkos signed a 5 year, 37.5 million dollar deal with the Tampa Bay Lightning to help them win a Stanley Cup. It would be different if he were completely healthy. I would say go and play, but he isn’t . He is coming off major surgery where he had a titanium rod inserted into his leg. When asked about that same leg he said “I still feel pain.” I’m not sure about you but that’s enough for me .

The last time the Olympics were held, Alex Ovechkin came back a different player. His goals, assists and shots were down. Coincidence? I think not. Maybe I’m not a big Winter Olympic guy but what I am is a native of Tampa Bay who has won a title here and I want another one for the Lightning. The fact that a hurt superstar is being a little selfish really bothers me. How about you?


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