What Really Matters to Peyton Manning

by Anthony 'Booger' McFarland

Some people say a legacy would be what you have accomplished, how much money you have made or how many commercials that you have done. To Peyton Manning, it’s what he hasn’t done that is his legacy, one that will drive him crazy: the quest to be the greatest of all time.

Peyton Manning’s total signed contract value for his career is over 330 million dollars, He is a 5-time MVP award winner, he is a first ballot hall of famer yet none of those things really matter to a man that is obsessed with what he doesn’t have. The ability to say he is the G.O.A.T.

Having played with Peyton and spent a fair amount of time with him I can tell you he thinks differently than most. He is obsessed with what he hasn’t done: win in the postseason way more than what he has. The fact that Eli has more postseason success really bothers him, as I’m sure it would most big brothers. This is different though because he’s supposed to be the G.O.A.T., except he’s not.

Joe Montana got the 49ers to 4 Super Bowls and won all four and is considered by many to be the greatest quarterback of all time. Peyton Manning has gotten his teams, the Colts and the Broncos, to 3 Super Bowls and has lost all but one. Doesn’t sound like much of a record. As a matter of fact he has a losing record at 11-12 for his entire postseason career.

So as the football season ends, Peyton Manning goes off into another off-season searching to find what he doesn’t have: the legacy he wants. And truth be told, I don’t know if his play or Father Time will ever allow him to get it. That to me would be one of the great disappointments ever for a quarterback, to hold every regular season record ever but to come up small in the postseason.

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