(AUDIO) Mark Cook Gives Out His Position Grades For The 2013 Bucs

Mark Cook 1/29/14

From Pewter Report, Mark Cook joined Fan Interference to talk about the Bucs this past season, and gave us a thought on Jason Licht and his role on the team along with Lovie smith.

Mark went position by position and said that on offense, the best position on the team was at tight end which was essentially just the emergence of Tim Wright.

Jason Licht spoke to the media since the last time we spoke with Mark and Cook says that there seems to still be some things that need to be answered about the power structure of the process of bringing in talent between Lovie and Jason.  The team does hope that by the draft comes around, that the pecking order should be settled by then.

Jason Licht also talked about taking care of the core of the team, and Mark gave his thoughts on who those guys were, and how they plan to take care of them. Jason did talk about how he would get to that core, and it was a very similar idea that Mark Dominik had in his time here, and that is through the draft process. The Glazer family is banking on the hope that Licht can do that more effectively then the previous front office.


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