(AUDIO) Jason Licht: It’s Comical to Say Revis Can’t Fit Lovie Smith’s System

New Bucs GM Jason Licht joined Booger and Rich to talk about his vision for the Buccaneers.

Licht said that Mike Glennon is accurate, tough and smart. He said he had some good and bad stretches through his rookie season but he hates to judge him on his first season in the NFL. He’s excited to about him though and thinks he’s got a chance.

Licht said that when he and Lovie Smith first met, they immediately clicked. They both share the same philosophy of winning and bringing championship football back to Tampa Bay. Licht went as far to comparing it to his meeting his wife, he just knew they would get along.

With the Bucs looking to address needs in the draft and free agency, Licht said he hopes to make the team faster and more explosive. Licht said you can’t pass on a quick pass rusher.

When it comes to the draft, Licht said he is a best available player kind of guy and doesn’t like to draft for need. He likes to pick the best available player to fit the system. He did say that there is a lot of talent in this year’s draft, but wouldn’t say who he thought was the best player in this year’s draft.

Licht said that he still needs to evaluate Darrelle Revis and see whether or not he was injured or hurting early on last season. Licht called it “comical” to think that Revis can’t fit into Lovie Smith’s system. He said there’s always a place for one of the best corners in the league on this Buccaneers team.

The offensive line will also be evaluated according to Licht. He said they will take a “long look” at the offensive line to determine how they can make this team better. He, like Lovie Smith, said it all starts up front with the offense.

Licht will be involved in contract negotiations but not as much as player evaluation. He wants to dedicate more time to doing what he’s always been good at: evaluating talent.

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