(AUDIO) Joe Theismann: The Super Bowl in NY Could be a Disaster

NFL great Joe Theismann joined Rich Herrera and guest host Marc Ryan to talk about today’s biggest headlines in the NFL.

Theismann says he thinks Richard Sherman owed Colin Kaepernick an apology for the choke symbol but he’s an emotional guy and gave the media exactly what they were looking for when he went off after the NFC Championship game. Theismann says we shouldn’t be shocked at what he said, this is who he is.

Theismann also said it’s a disaster to think that the Super Bowl could be snowed out. There shouldn’t be any contingency plan for the Super Bowl. Theismann said there’s more than rescheduling the game to think about. You may have to cancel flights and hotels and there’s transportation issues to think about. Right now, Theismann says this lends itself to an absolute disaster in New York.

Theismann says the choice of Super Bowl venues was unfair from the beginning. He said now weather can become a factor in the biggest game of the year, but his main concern is for the fans.

So how does Theismann think the Seahawks should stop Peyton Manning? He says they should rush four and let their corners beat up on the outside receivers. He says Richard Sherman will be on Demaryius Thomas and the other Broncos receivers have to play well to give their offense a chance.

Theismann says that the Bucs are in good shape with Mike Glennon but every team needs two decent QB’s right now. He said Mark Sanchez could be a backup option because he wasn’t well coached in NY. If you’re looking for a two or three, Theismann says he would take a look at Sanchez.

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