Florida House Candidate Tweets A Call To Hang The President

Florida House District 68 candidate Joshua Black tweeted Monday that president Barack Obama should be executed by hanging for treason. Local blogger Peter Schorsch first posted about the tweet on his blog Monday, noting that Black made the comment about the nation’s first African-American president on the holiday bearing Martin Luther King’s name.

Black, a Republican newcomer, even drew the ire of fellow party members by re-tweeting the following:

Schorsch, who is also a political consultant, points out that Joshua Black’s comments could be seen as a threat against the life of the president of the United States, a class D felony under the US code.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that Black’s Democratic rival, state Representative Dwight Dudley expressed shock at Black’s comments.

“It’s dangerous and unbecoming for someone who wants to lead to call for such violence and extremist action,” he said. “Wow. I’m stunned.”

According to his campaign’s official website, Joshua Black moved to the area seven years ago. A self-proclaimed street evangelist who practiced alone, Black says he found a ‘team’ in Florida:

“I moved to Saint Petersburg back in 2007, in November, with ministry on my mind. I had been practicing street evangelism in Saint Louis, but always alone. So, finding a team here, I decided to go where I could grow. And grow I have. It hasn’t always been easy, and some of the difficulties were my own fault, but I have no regrets about moving to Florida and am very grateful for the friends that I have found here.”

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