Grandniece of Walt Disney Calls Him ‘Anti-Semite,’ ‘Racist’

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – Walt Disney’s grandniece recently made comments on one of her social networking sites that labeled her great-uncle as an anti-Semite, a misogynist and a racist.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Abigail Disney made the comments in response to Meryl Streep’s attention-grabbing speech on the matter.

“[I]f you are going to have mixed feelings about a family member (and we all do) take it from me, you really need to be as honest as possible about those feelings, or else you are going to lead yourself into many a blind alley in life!” she was quoted as saying in a Facebook status update. “Anti-Semite? Check. Misogynist? OF COURSE!!”

She continued, “Racist? C’mon [sic] he made a film [called “The Jungle Book] about how you should stay ‘with your own kind’ at the height of the fight over segregation!”

Abigail Disney also said that she had “mixed feelings up the wazoo [sic]” regarding Streep’s words, but ultimately said she loved her statements regarding the elder Disney’s character.

“She said exactly what I said about how in spite of it all, his vision was amazing and he brought joy to so many around the world,” she continued. “So I say Brava [sic] Meryl. I don’t believe in bashing for bashing’s sake but whenever we see a misplaced attempt at hagiography we need to speak our minds!”

She additionally referred to Walt Disney as “a man of his times” and said that she can forgive him.

On Jan. 7, Streep labeled Walt Disney as a “bigot” during a presentation at the National Board of Review.

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