(AUDIO) The Bucs Have A Lot Of Option In This Year’s Draft

From the NFL Network, Bucky Brooks joined Fan Interference to give us his thoughts on the NFL Draft, and what the Bucs can do to make their team better this year in the draft.

Bucky said that for the Bucs, they have the ability to take a guy who can start for you right away, then take a sexy pick in the second round with the amount of WR’s and skill players who are in this draft.

When the topic of QB came up, Bucky said that Johnny Manziel is always a polarizing figure in draft rooms because with Manziel, you will need to cater your offense to his skills that allow him to thrive with his movement. In the case of Blake Bortles, Bucky says that he has him listed as the 3rd QB in this draft, but he is not on the level of Manziel or a Teddy Bridgewater.

With Mike Glennon, the issue has always been with many fans is if he has the “it” factor and if it can be developed, or if it just a personality trait.  Bucky says that winning can bring on more winning, but that charisma and personality of having it is something you either have or you do not. When asked if Mike Glennon has the it factor, he says that we have seen flashes of being able to a very good QB that can be on par with a Joe Flacco or a Matt Ryan.

All week we have been putting the emphasis on the playoffs, and Justin talked to Bucky about if it is a coincidence that the top 8 teams have very good to elite QB’s leading their teams this weekend.

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