NFL writer Pete Prisco joined Booger and Rich to discuss whether or not Lovie Smith has too much power as head coach when it comes to final say on player personnel.

Prisco says he doesn’t like the idea of one man in an organization having so much power. The GM generally needs to have the final say in personnel.

Prisco said there have been some coaches like Bill Parcells and Bill Belichik who have had success, but in this NFL it’s too big of a job for just one man.

Tom Coughlin had that kind of power in Jacksonville and Prisco said he made several mistakes with personnel and even gave an example of a 3rd round offensive lineman who couldn’t play a lick but was drafted by Coughlin.

Overall though, he likes the Lovie Smith hire.

Prisco said when it comes this weekend’s playoff games, Andy Reid blew it. He has a reputation of being bad in the playoffs and closing out games and he showed that again on Saturday. Prisco also said that Jay Gruden did a poor job of managing the offense in Cincinnati. He said Andy Dalton is getting too much blame, he played poorly but it wasn’t his fault they lost that game.


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