(AUDIO) Greg Schiano Is All In On Mike Glennon

Ira Kaufman 12/26/13

From the Tampa Tribune, Ira Kaufman joined Booger and Marc Ryan filling in for Rich Herrera and gave us his thoughts on the future of Mike Glennon with the Bucs.  Mike Glennon’s future rest squarely on the shoulders of the future of Greg Schiano.  As long as Greg Schiano is the coach of the Bucs, then Mike Glennon will likely be the starter for the time being.  Greg Schiano will not go into a must produce season with a fresh new QB.

The biggest letdown of the season for Ira was the play of the offensive line.  Even with the loss of Nicks, Ira still felt that this line could protect the QB and open up some holes for the running backs.

Heading into the offseason, Ira talked to Marc and Booger about what can help spark the offense and the team heading into the next year.  Ira felt that a guy in the draft like Sammy Watkins could be a playmaker that the team desperately needs to take the 8 yard pass and turn it up field.  Another position that the Bucs need to address is defensive end to get to the quarterback and said that if Clowney is not there at the Bucs pick, that Jared Allen is a guy that the Bucs need to take a serious look at.


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