(AUDIO) Greg Schiano: We Blitz Because We Don’t Have the Personnel to Line Up with Just Four

Buccaneers Head Coach Greg Schiano joined Booger and Rich to talk about the Bucs 4-9 season and where the team is heading from here.

Schiano said he has no regrets as far as the off the field issues this season and said he thinks the leadership kept them together. In all his years of coaching, he’s never seen some much adversity but he thinks he and his coaching staff handled it as best they could, including the benching and release of Josh Freeman.

When Schiano came in, he said the organization was on one end of the spectrum. He and his coaching staff had to take them to another spectrum just to get the team back to the middle. He thinks they’ve accomplished that.

Gerald McCoy reportedly went to the coaches this season because he was unhappy with the amount of stunts the defense was running. Schiano called the issue with too many stunts one of the biggest misconceptions. He said they are running nearly the same amount of stunts and twists as they did last season. He admitted McCoy was frustrated but said he thrived in this system last season and is thriving in the system this season.

Schiano said the team is blitzing more because they have to. He said they don’t have the personnel to line up just 4 guys and go get the QB.

Despite his record, Schiano said he’s not concerned because he’s been there before. He’s had tough years before and knows there’s work to do but he’s not here for a quick fix.

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