BREAKING: FSU QB Jameis Winston Will Not Be Charged With Sexual Assault

By: Justin Pawlowski - on twitter: @Commishonline

After an investigation done by the Tallahassee Police Department and the State Attorney’s office, no charges will be filed against Florida State QB Jameis Winston for an alleged sexual assault that occurred last December.

State Attorney Willie Meggs guaranteed on Thursday that a thorough investigation took place and that there was no pressure to finish this investigation before any Heisman voting or National Championship Game decisions were to come up.

“It’s a search for the truth,” Meggs said. We have two major universities here, and we deal with athletes on occasion and made decisions on sometimes to prosecute them if the facts merited it.”

“We carefully examined all of the facts in this case and have concluded that no charges will be filed against anyone in this case.”

Meggs did take questions for several minutes during his press conference about specifics about the investigation.

“There were several people in the room when this event occurred and they have all been questioned,” Meggs said.

As for why Winston was not charged with sexual assault, Meggs said the evidence was not sufficient to proceed.

“We have a duty as prosecutors to only file charges if we have a reasonable likelihood of conviction. After reviewing all of the evidence in the case, we did not feel like we could meet that burden, and therefore we do not file that charge if we feel we do not have sufficient evidence to make the charge.”

Because he was not charged, Jameis Winston will be eligible to play the remainder of the season for the heavily favored National Title contending Florida State Seminoles and is now the likely winner of the 2013 Heisman trophy.

When asked if the pressure of the Heisman vote hurried along the investigation, Willie Meggs answered by asking, “When is the Heisman vote?”

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