Jameis Winston deserves to win the Heisman when it’s awarded in New York City on December 14th. There, I said it. Even casual college football fans get that Winston has put up downright gaudy numbers this season while leading his Seminoles to the top spot in every major poll. People may lie but the numbers don’t. Jameis Winston has carved up the competition like a Ginsu through warm butter! Check the stats: he’s thrown for 3,490 yards and 35 TDs against only 8 interceptions. That’s a completion percentage of almost 70%! This kid has hung at least 37 points on every defense he’s faced with the average margin of victory being 42 points. Jameis Winston’s numbers are indisputable. It’s once people factor in the allegations of rape that the waters become murky.

We’re well aware that something happened in an off campus apartment on December 7th, a classic case of he said-she said. And, let me be clear on this: if Jameis Winston is convicted of rape he should be subjected to the harshest penalty possible. There is a place in hell for men who prey on women in that way. As the father of a pre-teen daughter I have no tolerance for that type of behavior. Having said that, why was there such a long lapse in the proceedings in this case? Reports have surfaced that the alleged victim cut off communication with the authorities for quite some time? One has to ask the question: why? If my daughter comes to me with damning information of that magnitude, I’m contacting attorney Gloria Allred and we’re holding a press conference on the office steps of the President of Florida State University! Too many inconsistencies in the story make it hard for me to condemn Jameis Winston. Until evidence surfaces that unequivocally implicates the redshirt freshman from Bessemer, Alabama, he’s my Heisman Trophy winner. He should be yours as well.


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