Sexually Explicit Movie Shown In Theater Instead Of Disney Film

PINELLAS PARK, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – Parents expecting to watch Disney’s latest family friendly film to begin in a movie theater were shocked when a sexually explicit movie began playing instead.

There were some technical difficulties which delayed the start of the Disney movie which was being shown at Regal Cinemas Park Place Stadium 16 WTVT-TV reported.  A grandmother who brought her grandchildren told the tv-station that while waiting for them to resolve the problem, they began playing a children’s cartoon.

“They put in the filler, it looked like ‘Steamboat Willie,’ the old Mickey Mouse cartoon, and then all of a sudden it goes into this other scene,” Lynn Greene told WTVT-TV.

The other scene that began playing was part of the wrong movie playing accidentally and lasted for less than two minutes, a spokesperson for Regal Cinemas explained.

“It seemed like forever when you’re trying to, you know, cover a little guy’s eyes,” Greene said to the tv-station. “I didn’t have enough hands to cover his ears too and he got the sound down real good.”

The grandmother doesn’t think it’s enough for the theater to offer free movie tickets to those in the audience.

“You’re talking, what, a PG-rated movie to all of a sudden have an R-rated scene up there for little children?” she said to WTVT-TV. “My concern is that there should be safeguards in place so that this doesn’t happen again.”


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