Bucs linebacker Lavonte David joins Booger and Rich every Tuesday at 4:20pm to take you onto the field and inside the Buccaneers locker room.

Greg Schiano has been scrutinized this season but David said he’s been their guy all season. He’s had the team’s back and he’s been the same person since Day 1 and they’ve wanted to play hard for him the whole time. David said the team has the same attitude and nothing has really changed in regards to how they feel about Schiano.

David said despite the rumors, Schiano never lost the locker room. He’s had a consistent attitude which put confidence into the team.

David said because of the 3 game win streak, the confidence in the locker room has been through the roof. He said it all started when the team played well on the road against the Seahawks. David also said the lack of distractions has allowed them to focus.

Darrelle Revis left Sunday’s game with a groin injury and David said he spoke to the DB’s and said it doesn’t matter if Revis is out there or not. David said the secondary stepped up even without Revis and Goldson.

David said the coaches told them that Stafford would throw the ball a lot. Schiano said the team would need turnovers and even told the defense at halftime that despite them already having 2, they would need 5 to win the game. The Bucs ended the game with 5 turnovers.

So did the Lions lose the game or did the Bucs win the game? David said it was a little bit of both. The Bucs took advantage of their opportunities when the Lions gave them to them.

Ham or turkey for Thanksgiving? David said he’s a ham guy.


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