Former Redskins QB and Super Bowl champion Joe Theismann joined Booger and Rich to help compare Bucs QB Mike Glennon with Redskins QB Robert Griffin III.

Theismann said that RG3 doesn’t have the foundation under him to throw down the field with the injured knee. Mike Glennon on the other hand can throw down field accurately from the pocket because he does have that foundation. Theismann saw Glennon play against the Redskins in preseason and liked what he saw. Theismann went as far to say that you have to hitch your wagon to Glennon because he can throw the ball down field.

When asked about Greg Schiano, Theismann said unquestionably that he should be back as the Bucs head coach in 2014. People wanted to run him out of town, but Theismann said he got the team to play well in Seattle and this 3 game winning streak proves he can coach. When losses mount, Theismann said organizations need to stay the course and not overreact like fans.

Theismann said he likes the Bucs future and said he thinks they will ruin someone’s Christmas by upsetting a playoff bound team.

Theismann also reached out to Steven Stamkos when he broke his leg earlier this month because Theismann said he himself is the “Godfather” of broken legs after being hit by Lawrence Taylor while playing for the Redskins. Theismann said his recovery so far is remarkable and he thinks he’ll be back this season, but he hopes he doesn’t rush it.


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