(AUDIO) Mike Glennon is Far More Advanced Than Robert Griffin III

By: Justin Pawlowski - on twitter: @CommishOnline

While the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been playing better as of late, they’re still trying to dig themselves out of an 0-8 start to the 2013 season. When this happens, the reality of a top five pick in the NFL draft could be staring you right in the face.

Whenever a team is drafting in the top 5 picks of the NFL draft with potential franchise quarterbacks on the board, it is their responsibility to draft one of those players if they feel their current quarterback can not be that type of player.

The Bucs could potentially have a major decision on their hands when their pick comes up in the 1st round of the 2014 NFL draft, however, NFL Films’ Greg Cosell believes that decision might be a simple one for the Bucs.

“I think they (the Bucs) are getting really quality quarterback play from Mike Glennon, who is without question the best rookie quarterback in this class,” Greg Cosell said in his weekly appearance on Fan Interference this Thursday.

Glennon might not just be the best quarterback in this past NFL draft class, he might be one of the best quarterbacks to come out in the last few years.

“Mike Glennon is so far more advanced than RG3 playing NFL quarterback that it’s not even close,” Cosell said. “They shouldn’t even be in the same discussion.”

People have gushed over Robert Griffin III since he entered the NFL, but Cosell believes the Bucs 3rd round quarterback in what was supposed to be a weak quarterback draft class is that much better than the Redskins 2nd overall draft pick and a pick they forfeited 3 1st round selections and a 2nd round pick for.

In just 7 starts this season, Glennon has thrown for over 1,500 yards, 11 touchdowns, and just 4 interceptions. Also, while Josh Freeman has yet to throw for higher than a 50% completion percentage in a game this season, Glennon has yet to fall under 50% in a game posting highs of 74% against the Seahawks and 87% against the Falcons in 2 of the past 3 games.

By season’s end, Mike Glennon will have had only 13 games to show the Buccaneers current and/or future brass that he is worthy of being the face of the franchise.

“When your quarterback makes difficult anticipation throws, everything about your offense tends to look better,” Cosell said about the Bucs offense and their improvement.

“For instance, I’ll give you an example of a throw that was made this week by Glennon. When he hit Underwood for 20 yards in the 2nd quarter down inside the ten, that was a classic anticipation throw. He threw Underwood open. If I showed you the film and froze it just as Glennon was making his delivery, you’d say, ‘who’s he throwing it to?’ That’s a litmus test throw that helps measure future success.”

Oh, and if you were still wondering about that untapped potential Josh Freeman was supposed to show Bucs fans this year…

“That throw would not have been made by Josh Freeman.,” Cosell said emphatically. “It wouldn’t have entered his mind.”

Mike Glennon has progressively gotten better this season which has brought up some questions:

Why didn’t Glennon start the season as the Bucs starting quarterback?

Why did it take the Buccaneers 4 years to figure out what the Vikings figured out in one start about Josh Freeman?

Was Greg Schiano a scapegoat for whomever in the front office wanted to stick with Josh Freeman? (because we’re pretty sure Schiano didn’t want to)

Was this season a failure because a change at quarterback was not made during the preseason?

Could you imagine if Mike Glennon would have gone to Rutgers? They might have won a national championship!

We might never know the true answer to these questions, but we do know that if Mike Glennon continues to progress the way he has thru the first 7 games of his NFL career, the Bucs might have just found their franchise quarterback.

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