LA Auto Show: New Connected Car Apps And Leveraging User Data

By Jeff Gilbert

LOS ANGELES (WWJ) – There was something different in the day prior to the official start of the press preview for the LA Auto Show.

It’s known as connected caricon13 LA Auto Show: New Connected Car Apps And Leveraging User Data day and it’s an opportunity to bring together the autos and tech industries — illustrating how both industries need each other.

On the relationship between the automakers and software developers including among many, Google and Microsoft, Jim Farley Ford Marketing VP said, “apps that people love aren’t developed by car companies.” “We have to make sure that our systems are open enough that those apps can work safely in a car,” he added.

Bringing cars and tech together creates a lot of questions that are only beginning to be fully understood by businessesicon13 LA Auto Show: New Connected Car Apps And Leveraging User Data or consumers.

Insurance companies, dealers and automakers are examining driver data from these new systems. At the same time, customericon13 LA Auto Show: New Connected Car Apps And Leveraging User Data privacy concerns will be raised.

See the video HERE.

Jeff Henning of EY Automotive explains, “… looking at connectivity and the data that they can potentially harvest from the user’s behavior in the vehicle to better their businesses.”

Cars will become more connected because people want to take the home Internet experience wherever they go.

WWJ AutoBeat Reporter Jeff Gilbert will be at the LA Auto Show during next week’s press preview days, you can follow his Twitter updates (@jefferygilbert) or like his Facebook page ( for instant updates.

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