I May Be Wrong About Dashon Goldson, But I Doubt It

By: Booger McFarland Twitter: @lsubooger

Dashon Goldson Is He Worth It? You Tell Me

Based on his 5-year, $41 million deal, Dashon Goldson is the most disappointing, AND the most undisciplined player on the Bucs, and Dashon Goldson is hurting his team.

Did you know that Goldson has compiled the most personal fouls in the NFL since 2010; 5 this year alone. Some of these are not for hitting, but there are enough to make me wonder if hurting his team matters at all to him.

Put yourself in Bucs coach’s shoes…if I told you that if you continued to play a certain way it would hurt your team, would you do it? If I told you that if you repeatedly did it, you would hurt your team even more, would you do it? If I told you that not only if you did it you would hurt you team but eventually the NFL will take you off the field, would you do it?

Rules aren’t made to be broken and right now Dashon Goldson, with his $8 million salary and very minimal production, combined with 6-fifteen yard penalties this season, is breaking the rules. What kind of example does that set? This has to end not now but RIGHT NOW.

Anything else is unacceptable


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