St Pete Mayor elect Rick Kriseman joined Marc Ryan on Out of Bounds to give us his thoughts on the future of the Rays as a resident of Tropicana Field and of St Pete.

Mayor Kriseman said that his short term goals with the Rays is working with them to get as many people to the game to the games as possible, as well as making sure he protects the city of St. Petersburg.  Along with that, ultimately he wants to hammer out a long term goal of keeping the Tampa Bay Rays in the region.

Some of the ideas that Mayor Kriseman had was perhaps tackling how people get to the game via mass transit to and from the game.  Another thought that the Mayor had was how the area needs to make access to and from Hillsborough to Tropicana Field.

For a long time according to the Mayor, St Pete felt that the Tampa residence looked down upon St Pete and Mayor Kriseman feels that that is no longer the case, and that St Pete has many things to offer the region as a whole.

One of the hurdles that Marc has seen since his time here is the pessimism that the Rays will be a regional asset, and Mayor Kriseman says that he has worked hard to rebuild the relationship between the Rays and the city of St Pete.  While no timetable has been set by the city or the Mayor, Mayor Kriseman does not believe that the lease that runs until 2027 is not something that he can use to keep the team here.

When asked about the possibility of a move to Tampa, Mayor Kriseman says that until all possible avenues are investigated in the city of St Pete, that the city of Tampa is not an option.


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