(AUDIO) Lavonte David Said Distractions Like Freeman and MRSA Were a Major Factor in the Losing Streak

Buccaneers linebacker Lavonte David joined Booger and Rich as he does every Tuesday at 4:20pm to take you onto the field and talk about the Bucs win over the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday.

Davin Joseph commented that the team is finally a family now and David said he feels like it’s been like that all along. The team went through some tough times and David said the team stuck together through it all and the wins are finally starting to come as a result. David said seeing Greg Schiano not give up brought something out of them. David said it was time that they did something for their coach.

David said the first 8 weeks, it was tough with everything going on at One Buc but the team turned it up the week they played the Seahawks and their close loss gave them confidence going into the next couple of games.

David said Josh Freeman’s benching and release was a distraction when it happened because several players were close to Freeman. Now that he’s been gone, David said the team has been able to move on.

Dashon Goldson was suspended on Monday and David said he plays a major factor in what they do on defense. They call him the hawk because he’s a physical player David said. Goldson just has to be smarter about how he approaches playing defense. David said Goldson is a great communicator and helps make sure everyone is on the same page.

David said when he was brought up he was told to put his facemask in a guys chest, but the rules have changed. He said you just have to learn a new way to tackle which is tough because you’ve been doing it your whole life. David said he doesn’t think there’s too much a coach can do about it and it’s more on the player than the coach.

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