At 1-8 (as of 11/15) it’s hard to argue that many Bucs players deserve to go to the 2014 Pro Bowl, but we’ve got a few choices in mind – let’s see if you agree…

TAMPA, FL - Tampa Bay Buccaneers flag before a home game (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

TAMPA, FL – Tampa Bay Buccaneers flag before a home game (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

Gerald McCoy Quick, powerful and a menace to opposing offensive lineman. McCoy, a defensive captain, has become the stalwart of the Buccaneers defensive front.

Lavonte David Young, hungry, and an intuitive playmaker, David is possibly the best player on the the Buccaneers’ defense. Despite a down year for the team, this exciting linebacker is turning heads across the NFL and making a name for himself to football fans across the country.

Darrelle Revis The wiley veteran is finally rounding back into his all-pro form after recovering from a devastating knee injury. ‘Revis Island’ is something that all opposing coaches and offensive players must plan, and account for on the field.

Vincent Jackson A bright spot on a lackluster offense, Jackson has had to adjust from Josh Freeman as the starting quarterback in the beginning of the season, to rookie Mike Glennon’s. The consummate professional, Jackson has battled through injury and turmoil to lead all skill players in offensive production this season.

Despite what you think about the team’s record, the head coach, or moves made by management, these players are definitely worthy of recognition. So it begs the question: which player has played the best this season; made the biggest impact? More importantly, if you nahd to choose just one, which of them would you send to represent Tampa Bay in Honolulu? Vote below!

Want to support your team? CLICK HERE to vote for them to get into the 2014 NFL Pro Bowl.

(photo: CBS Tampa Bay)

(photo: CBS Tampa Bay)


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