Kirk Says: Give Schiano a Chance

All we are saying, is give Schiano a chance. At least that’s what I’m saying. Maybe the guy gets another year, due to unforeseen circumstances. Who knew that Josh Freeman would suck that bad, that MRSA would sweep the locker room, or that Doug Martin would go down so early? Who could have forecast that Revis wouldn’t be 100% until deep into the season? Or that Vincent Jackson would have ping-pong paddles for hands for the first part of the season? Coach Schiano’s ability to keep the locker room through such turmoil alone should buy the man another year in charge of the Pewter Pirates.

If you saw Gerald McCoy bear hug his boss after the Dolphins game you get it. The players are still behind the coach. You can see it in the effort. The way players are still flying around on the field. The way the losses still seem to hurt, you can tell. Remember, these guys make mad dough. That tends to soften the sting of multiple losses. The money, added with lack of respect for the message can spell disaster. Everyone knows this team has the talent. The Glazers finally remembered they had a football team to go with their futbol team and spent some dough stateside. They bought the groceries and now it’s time to whip something up in the kitchen. Like a good sauce, all the ingredients just need time to marinade and mingle. This thing’s going to be fine. Stay out of the kitchen!

This is a very exciting time for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I know that must sound strange. It doesn’t seem possible that a 1-8 team in one of football’s most competitive divisions might be thought to have a bright future, but the Bucs definitely do. By losing 4 of 8 games this season that they were leading in the 4th quarter, they’ve played themselves into a mighty fine draft pick suited up and ready to go NEXT season. Let’s face it, at this point it’s all about next season. Do the proud and patient Glazers want to pay a new head coach and the old head coach…again, or do they want to let this thing play out, without the shadow of an inept inherited QB and and a vicious staph infection? I know it’s only one victory but it’s a step in the right direction. A direction this team may want to continue to follow. Greg Schiano’s direction.

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