Florida Man Dies After 911 Dispatcher Sends Paramedics To The Wrong Location

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – Friends of a Volusia County man say a 911 dispatcher’s error probably cost their friend his life.

58-year-old Bob Hill died of a heart attack on September 4th at an outdoor racquetball court.

His friends called 911 immediately after he collapsed.

The dispatcher was a trainee, under the supervision of Certified Training Officer Shauna Justice.

WKMJ-TV 6 Local obtained video of the moment the call came into the 911 facility.

The trainer appears to be checking her phone and sending text messages during the 15 minute call.

This may have prevented her from realizing the dispatcher-trainee was sending paramedics to the wrong location.

Deputies say it took emergency crews 15 minutes to get to the right place.

But it was too late and Bob Hill was pronounced dead.

Volusia County Sheriff Ben Johnson says the incident is under investigation. “We messed up. She was very remorseful about what happened, very caring about it. She admitted to what her mistake was.”

Hill’s friend Ed Mallaire tells Local 6 “with the help of his supervisor together they should have made everything go right. They should have been there right away. Not in fourteen minutes.”

On Tuesday, Justice pulled a gun and threatened a local TV reporter who was trying to interview her.

She  was arrested and taken to jail and authorities say there will be a separate investigation into that incident.


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