The Current’s Special Edition: Former CFO Alex Sink, State Rep. James Grant, NYT-Bestselling Author Scott Turow, CBS Tampa Bay Cares

Did you miss this past weekend’s edition (November 10th) special FINAL edition of CBS Tampa Bay’s The Current with Franco Ripple as host? No problem! Click the audio players above to catch the whole program featuring:

An in-depth discussion with Florida’s former Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink about her FloridaNEXT Foundation, creating a culture of innovation for start-ups in Tampa Bay, and what factors she’s considered in running for Florida’s 13th Congressional district (interview recorded prior to campaign announcement);

9-time New York Times bestselling author Scott Turow on his new book IDENTICAL, based on Greek mythology and tackling issues of revenge, redemption and even campaign finance;

State Representative James Grant of Tampa with tips for technology entrepreneurs on launching a start-up in Tampa Bay and his experience starting a technology business – and his prediction for the next Lieutenant Governor. Connect with Rep. Grant on Twitter at @JamesGrantFL;

And since every week The Current features how people give back across Tampa Bay, our final segment – CBS Tampa Bay Cares – features those who work here at CBS Tampa Bay on the various ways we give back to you, our listeners.

As The Current’s host Franco Ripple signs off, thank you again for listening as this program has grown so much every week. Keep listening as 98.7 The Fan’s Roxanne Wilder begins hosting The Current in the coming weeks. And keep in touch with Franco on Twitter at @FrancoRipple.

The Current host Franco Ripple recording his final episode of The Current on October 25 (photo credit: Instagram/FrancoRipple)

The Current host Franco Ripple recording his final episode of The Current on October 25 (photo credit: Instagram/FrancoRipple)

The Current airs eight times every weekend on five CBS Radio stations. Don’t forget to send us your comments by Twitter at @TheCurrentCBS or by text at 56022 (you’ll receive a bounceback text confirming we got yours), and thanks for listening!

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