(AUDIO) Time Is Running Out For Will Muschamp

Neil Shulman of SB Nation joined Marc Ryan tonight to talk about the slide of the Florida Gators and what this means for head coach Will Muschamp.  Neil was willing to give Muschamp some slack for some of the games through injury, but the effort put forth against Vanderbilt was the breaking point for a lot of Gators fans.

Neil also spoke about the atmosphere at the stadium and from the money at the school that may force the hand of Jeremy Foley to make a decision sooner rather than later.  Marc, who is a proud alumnus of Florida, could not even bring himself to watch this team that has been described as chore to watch.

If Will Muschamp is let go, Neil and Marc discussed who are the most logical and realistic options for the next head coach at UF.

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    […] setting the line at 10 wins and an SEC East Championship. I already think he should be fired, and even went on CBS Tampa Bay 98.7 the Fan radio saying so, but now if Muschamp fails to hit those numbers by the slightest of the margins- if he goes 9-3 and […]

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