(AUDIO) Chidi Ahanotu (with Brad Culpepper) Calls the Booger and Rich Show to Share His Side of the Story

Chidi Ahanotu 11-7

Chidi Ahanotu called Warren Sapp a bully earlier this week and Booger called him out saying that wasn’t the case. Ahanotu called Booger and Rich to clear some things up about his relationship with Sapp.

Ahanotu said he was Facebook messaged that Booger and Rich were talking about him and his recent comments about Sapp wanted to call the show to clarify some things. He said that you can call him a jerk or whatever you want but to him, he’s still a bully.

Ahanotu said that nothing was out of bounds for Sapp and when he brought up his father, that’s when he was ready to fight. He said he grabbed his helmet but teammates stopped him from using it and he and Sapp locked up in a battle. Eventually Derrick Brooks broke it up. Ahanotu said he wasn’t the only one to fight Sapp. Both Super Bowl MVP Dexter Jackson and Marcus Jones got into it with 99. Ahanotu said a lot of people in that locker room were happy that he stood up to sapp.

Ahanotu said he figured everyone would agree that Sapp was a bully, but former teammate Steve White disagreed and so did Booger McFarland. Even former defensive lineman Brad Culpepper, who was with Ahanotu while he called the show, said he didn’t think Sapp was a bully, just a jerk.

This all started with Ahanotu’s Facebook post that called Sapp a bully and talked about his induction into the Buccaneer’s Ring of Honor on Monday night. Ahanotu said that the only point he was trying to make was that locker room’s in the NFL aren’t politically correct places like we’re seeing in Miami with Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin.

Ahanotu finally said whether he speaks to Warren Sapp or not, he still considers him a brother and did say that Sapp deserves to be in the Ring of Honor for his play, but not for his character.


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