WINTER HAVEN, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – An HIV-positive man is in jail after police say he soaked a woman in gasoline and then threatened to set fire to her and her son, before forcing her to have sex with him in the hopes of giving her the disease.

According to the Winter Haven Ledger, 48-year-old Glen Davis had been dating the victim for several months, and resided with her and her teenage son.

The situation took a turn for the worse last Thursday, however, when Davis accused the woman of cheating on him, and attempted to keep the unnamed mother and son from leaving the premises after the fight with threats of violence.

Davis then turned the argument from verbal to physical when he allegedly grabbed the woman by her throat and poured gasoline on her. Police say he then continued to keep her and her son in place by threatening them harm with gardening shears, before pouring more gasoline onto a kitchen table and some clothing and setting the items on fire.

Later in the evening, he held the shears to the woman’s throat and forced her to have sex with him, reportedly in an effort to infect her with the virus.

“He said, ‘You’re gonna die one way or another,'” the victim told Bay News 9.

On Saturday, authorities with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office went to the residence to investigate a disturbance. Upon their arrival, they learned about the altercation that took place on Thursday, and also discovered the charred remains of the items that had been set aflame.

While the victim began treatment for HIV exposure, Davis was arrested. He is now facing multiple charges, including domestic violence and knowingly transmitting HIV.


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