Police: Girl Dressed As A Pig With ‘Zombie’ Contacts Arrested For DUI

ORLANDO, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – A Halloween costume party ended in a trip to prison for a local woman who, police say, was driving under the influence.

The woman, 26-year-old Kristine M. Gagnier, was said to have been in a costume described as a “pig in a nude-color bathing suit” with “zombie” contact lenses at the time of her arrest, the Orlando Sentinel is reporting.

On Friday morning, minutes before 2 a.m., Gagnier was pulled over when she was spotted driving in an erratic fashion.

Deputy Jeff Lotter, of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, indicated that a breathalyzer test was performed in an incident report obtained by the paper, due to what he had observed thus far.

“While behind the vehicle I observed it leave the travel lane to the right, crossing over the fog line, and then over the lane divider line to the left, and then over the lane divider line to the right,” the report said. “[There were] several indicators that lead me to believe that Gagnier was impaired, [including slurred speech, the smell of alcohol, and] admittance to drinking.”

The test revealed that she her blood alcohol level was .121, despite the fact that Florida’s legal limit is set at .08.

Upon her arrest, Gagnier was taken to the county’s DUI center.

After submitting to another breathalyzer test, she was allowed to change out of her costume and into a prison jumpsuit, the paper learned.

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