By: Justin Pawlowski - on twitter: @CommishOnline

While most fans thought Greg Schiano would surely be fired with the Bucs record at 0-5, 0-6, surely at 0-7, and had to be after Sunday’s demoralizing loss after being up 21-0, but the Glazers have stood firm with their head coach.

While the Glazers allegedly hate to be embarrassed, they’re even willing to allow Greg Schiano roam the Bucs sidelines on national TV this Monday night as the Bucs face the Dolphins on Monday Night Football and have ESPN spend 7 hours explaining everything that has gone wrong under the Bucs 2nd year coach.

The question for Bucs fans has not been if Greg Schiano is fired, but when?

What if it was possible for Schiano to return as Bucs coach in 2014?

Is your heart beginning to race?

Roy Cummings, the Bucs beat writer for the Tampa Tribune, joined The Kirk and Dinger Morning Show on Tuesday morning and was asked if there was any chance Schiano were to return in 2014 as the head coach of the Bucs.

“I think there is a chance that he does come back,” Roy Cummings said. “I think it’s probably in the 20%-30% range that he does come back because, again, look at the situation objectively, they’ve been in an awful lot of football games, they’ve proven they can compete in this league, and they’ve had injuries which is a big part of what’s gone on.”

Cummings also focused on the change at quarterback as a major hurdle Schiano has faced.

“It’s a quarterback driven league, and let’s face it, the quarterback did not help them win those first two or three games. He put them in position a couple times, but they couldn’t get it done. When you make a big quarterback change, that’s a big part of it.”

While Schiano obviously looks smart with his decision to go with Mike Glennon over Josh Freeman, it was Schiano’s handling of the Freeman saga that became a distraction for this team during a three week stretch.

“There’s a lot of little things going on,” Cummings continued. “The MRSA thing, which is not in his control, these things are not necessarily the fault of Greg Schiano, but at the end of the day, when you’ve lost 13 out of 14 and you’re 0-7 in games decided by 3 points or less, that’s a bit of an indictment on your staff as well.”

While supporters of Greg Schiano are few and far between, Bucs fans have made their point to the Glazers as to what they would like the fate of their current head coach to be.  The next move is up to the Glazers, and whether they are willing to send a message to their own fans that they, as owners, will not tolerate their team losing AND being one of the biggest embarrassments in all of sports.

“With 8 games to play, he’s got a chance to right the ship and save his job,” Cummings concluded. “Much like with Raheem down the stretch of his final year, the Glazers do not want to fire this guy, but if they’re forced into it, they’ll certainly make the move.”

Schiano has lost 13 of his last 14 games and is 0-8 on this season and the Glazers still do not want to “fire this guy?”

I wonder if Warren Sapp will have anything to say about this as his induction into the Bucs Ring of Honor has been tainted by a winless team with more drama than even Sapp has ever dealt with.


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