Bucs linebacker Lavonte David takes you onto the field and inside the locker room of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers every Tuesday at 4:20pm with Booger and Rich. Today we asked David about the mess in Miami and their upcoming showdown on Monday Night Football.

David addressed Da’Quan Bowers Twitter rant and said he himself got hit pretty hard after the Jets game but you have understand that a lot of these people are just fans and don’t know what they’re talking about. David said Bowers should just do what he has to do to shut people up. Let his play speak for himself.

The Bucs gave up a 21 point lead in Seattle and during the 4th quarter, David said he was being vocal, trying to keep the defense together. This loss hurt the most David said because they had it.

David talked about the Richie Incognito situation in Miami and said his rookie year all they had to do was bring in snacks and pay for dinner (which cost $4,000). He said there wasn’t any hazing. David said the Bucs would never take it as far as the Dolphins did and called it “messed up.”

David said he treats the rookies no different. He says once you come into the Buccaneers organization, you become family.


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