Baseball’s Still Got it

Say what you want about America’s pastime. She’s lost a step. Can’t keep up with football. The game moves too slow, blah, blah, blah. This 109th World Series is a true representation of why the game is alive and well―two of the game’s cornerstone franchises slugging it out, winning games in each other’s ball park, in historic fashion. Did you see how Games 2 and 3 ended? This is really fun to watch!

As I watched Monday night, the game was knotted up at 1, nobody on, nobody out, Lester still on the bump. St. Louis, winner of more world titles than any club in baseball, save the New York Yankees and home to some of baseball’s most in informed fans, going against the Red Sawx. The Red Sox, who are winners of sixty-nine last year and still playing meaningful baseball ONE year later, while the world goes trick- or- treating. That’s an amazing turnabout. Baseball.You just never know.

Boston Strong. Man, that city really came together April 15th. As if they weren’t together before the Marathon bombing, but you have to figure that plays into this teams grit and fight. And the beards. Love ’em or hate ’em that’s a solidifying force, those beards. You know how much it’s gotta suck for the guy who really isn’t a beard guy but can’t shave? Ugh! Interesting fact: you’d be hard pressed to find facial hair in baseball up until the 1970’s when Oakland A’s Charlie Finley introduced his mustache. (Gillette had a long affiliation with the game.) Rollie, Reggie and Sal didn’t give a damn. Baseball. You just never know.

Albert Pujols. How’s that Angels thing working out for you? The Cardinals didn’t even miss a beat when he rolled. La Russa retires, no problem. Metheny’s like, “I got this.” It’s really uncanny but the Cards have a way of doing business that the future HOF’er LaRussa and his lieutanant Dave Duncan installed, and the farm is rich. They get to the big club knowing how the game is to be played. That’s why Game 1 was so uncharacteristic. Even if they don’t win it this year, they’ll be around. The city expects it. Much like Boston does since the curse was broken.

This one’s evenly matched. The game took me away from watching MNF so that says something. Boston takes the game 3-1. That doesn’t mean the Red Birds are out of this game, let alone the Series. It’s baseball and you just never know.

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