(AUDIO) Scott Reynolds from Pewter Report Says it Seems Like the Bucs Don’t Want an Interim Coach

Scott Reynolds 10-28

Every Monday Scott Reynolds from Pewter Report takes you inside One Buc to bring you the best Bucs coverage in Tampa Bay. Reynolds talked about the aftermath of the Panthers loss on Thursday night and where the Bucs go from here.

Jay Glazer reported that Greg Schiano told the team that they are stuck with him. Reynolds said that at this point it seems like the Bucs don’t want to go with an interim coach at this point. He believes they are trying to avoid putting in an interim coach who can win some games, gain the player’s trust and force a decision to be made whether or not the interim will be retained.

Reynolds said whether Schiano is the coach or not, Mike Glennon is auditioning to be the starting QB for next season. Reynolds said he’s doing a pretty good job even without guys like Doug Martin.

Mike Williams was put on IR today with a torn hamstring and Reynolds said he wouldn’t be surprised if the rumors are true that Schiano asked Williams to play through the injury the last couple of weeks. Reynolds said Williams is a gamer and is very prideful. He also said Schiano is desperate for a win it makes sense that he would ask him to play through it.

Gerald McCoy went on a Twitter rant over the weekend because of what fans have said about Greg Schiano. Reynolds said McCoy is showing tremendously leadership and whether he believes in Schiano or not, he feels that as a leader he has to follow him.


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