Report: Memo Warns Of Possible Terrorist Activity On Recent Domestic Flight

St. Petersburg (CBS Tampa Bay) – In a recent interview with WiLD 94.1, Mike Deeson of WTSP 10 News said that he and his team have uncovered a memo citing instances of dry-runs on domestic flights by possible terrorists. The view is that these are practice for a possible attack on domestic air travel.

In his report, Deeson cites an incident that happened aboard US Airways Flight 1880 on September 2. The flight originated from Reagan National Airport in Washington D.C. and was headed to Orlando International airport. A representative from the pilots union say that another attempted attack is likely.

Wolf Koch, a pilot for Delta Airlines told that 9/11 was “an incredible attack on us. It was very well orchestrated and they’re going to try it again… 100 percent, no question in my mind. They’re going to try it again.”It was very well orchestrated and they’re going to try it again… 100 percent, no question in my mind. They’re going to try it again.”

The story created such a stir among travelers and local officials, congressman John Mica of Orlando has called for an investigation, saying that a federal review of the incident is warranted.

Deeson’s report also got the attention of the TSA who issued the following statement:

“The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) takes all reports of suspicious activity on board aircraft seriously. Working collaboratively with local law enforcement, it was determined that the matter required no further investigation at this time. Additionally, due to the critical mission of TSA’s Office of Law Enforcement, TSA does not confirm the presence or identity of Federal Air Marshals.”

Is another attack imminent? There’s definltely an ongoing debate, but Deeson’s reporting for has certainly opened some eyes to the possibility. Koch, who is also the Aviation Security Committee Chairman for the Air Line Pilots Association International, says that anyone who thinks another attack on domestic air travel like what happened on 9/11 could never happen again, “is very foolish.”

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