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Things I can’t talk about on the Radio by Rich Herrera

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(Photo by Scott Iskowitz/Getty Images)

(Photo by Scott Iskowitz/Getty Images)

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Random Thoughts by the Big Fajita

I went to the Bolts game last night and had a great time. You know the more time I spend at the Forum this season the more I am getting into this years team. We had Teddy Purcell on the show the other day, he was pretty cool. Last night you really saw the change in this team under John Cooper in what Dinger calls sandpaper. I sat on the glass last night (which was really cool and you can really see the speed of the game) and saw just how much tougher this team was, and most importantly how they stood up for each other. The game winner from Stamkos was “I can’t believe what I just saw” amazing.

The Canes are living a lie at 6 and 0 on the season. But if getting excited about the Miami Hurricanes is wrong I don’t want to be right. Last night Mark Cook tweeted at me about the Canes come from behind win over the hapless yet amazing strong for 50 minutes of football Tar Heels. Thursday night is a very goofy night for college football. They are only playing that day because ESPN needs programing and schools are willing to change their teams schedules to accommodate the programmers in Bristol. If I were a AD no way would I ever play a Thursday game, it’s a no win for anyone other than your finance guys. The team has a chance to get upset playing on a day they usually aren’t prepared for. NFL teams routinely struggle with playing during a short week and they don’t have class and homework. For college kids coming out flat has got to be expected. It is usually one team of note that is ranked playing a team that is only on TV because of who they are playing. The host school gets all geeked up the Fraternity houses start getting ready at 8 am for the 8 pm kick off and every stadium in America becomes the Tarpit, the Blue Zone, in their best impression of Death Valley. Canes came out flat and got punched in the face by the Heels who played inspired football. The Fans were into it, and the Canes forgot how to play offense and they lost their playmaker. But they rallied and stayed undefeated and still have a clear path to the ACC Championship game if they can get by FSU in two weeks. By the way that IF is getting bigger everyday.

Wow I can’t believe what I am hearing from One Buc now. Look have they been under fire, check. Have they failed to win a game, check. Has there been drama time after time, with MRSA, Freeman getting benched, I could keep going and going but the show starts in 5 hours. But now the latest self-inflicted wound is squarely on the coaching staff. The Head Coach and the DC are now questioning everyone else who has questioned there use of Revis Islands football IQ. Look I study the game research the game, rad as much as a can. I have covered the NFL as a broadcaster for a decade now. I have worked with some great football people who have won national championships and Super Bowls. I have worked with Hall of Famers and have picked their brain every chance I can. I have sat a diner the night before breaking down X and O with football people using salt and pepper shakers from every table in the dinning room with 15 mean standing around our table while their wives glared at them because they were watching a head coach break down how to attack an offense. The one thing I can tell you is that I have never played big time football nor have I ever coached. So I NEVER assume that I know more than football men. With that said I do have a job to give my opinion and discuss what is going on with our local sports teams. For any coach in any sport to question my football IQ tells me one thing, whatever I said struck too close to home. If you have to strike back with a comment about the fans and the media can’t understand what we do, means the critique means something, other wise there would be no need to respond if we weren’t on to something.

Last nights Big Bang Theory was awesome. I know I might be a dork, but I love that show. But I am mad at someone in my house because they cut off my recording of Two and Half Men after 5 minutes. Now I’ll have to buy it on Itunes. I would take it out of my 13-year-old sons allowance but I don’t give him one so there. If anyone screws up Blue Bloods tonight on my DVR heads will roll. Oh yeah I only got through half of the season premiere of the White Collar was kind of slow.

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