Booger McFarland: Don’t Insult Me Bill Sheridan

I’m a little pissed off. And you should be also. Why? Buccaneers Defensive Coordinator Bill Sheridan looked me and you in the eye and said we are uneducated. He said that we have no idea what man-to-man coverage is and that we could come help him with his game plan anytime we wanted. Well here is my message to you Bill Sheridan:

I played football from the age of 13 until the age of 30. I’ve played for some of the best defensive coaches that this game has ever seen from Monte Kiffin to Tony Dungy to Rod Marinelli just to name a few. I have 2 Super Bowl rings and 9 years in the same NFL that you seem to be struggling with. I think I know what man-to-man is.

Defense isn’t that hard. You either play man, zone, or you blitz. Now all of the above have variations, especially the blitz and zone. But let me tell you about man-to-man. It ain’t that dang hard to notice. In its simplest form it merely means that you have a man and, if he goes to the concession stand, you follow him. I know Sheridan knows what man-to-man is because he stuck Leonard Johnson in man-to-man coverage at the end of the Saints game against Marques Colston (who Revis should have been covering).

So Bill Sheridan you can stop insulting the fans and you sure as hell can stop insulting me and all the experience that I’ve gained in this league. Man-to-man is what Revis Played in New York and he’s not playing it here.

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