Some random thoughts by the Big Fajita

Ok the Bucs worst nightmare might come true. They didn’t want to make a commitment to Josh Freeman, he was so inconsistent you can’t really blame them. The Bucs never were able to get him on track without knowing that a pick-6 was right around the corner. But now with Freeman starting this week for the Vikings the Bucs now will have to sit back and watch and see if he was they the problem or if the Bucs were the issue, if he flames out the Bucs are validated, if he does well, the team will get second guessed. If he turn back into a Pro Bowler some at One Buc will have to pay a step price

I am digging the MLB Playoffs, all the teams are so evenly matched and we are seeing some amazing pitching, and wow the drama!!! People that say that baseball is boring don’t understand that the baseball season is a long and drawn out journey that takes six months to decide who is the Champion. In Hockey a hot goalie will mask a team with needs, in football a great defense can hide your QB sucks, but in baseball no one can live a lie and get away with it for the entire season and into the post season.

Miami plays North Carolina tonight and it is a big game for the ACC. On Saturday the Noles play Clemson in a match up of top 5 teams. One will drop out of the top 5 after their loss which will weaken the ACC. If Miami wins they will move up just because FSU or Clemson will tumble. If FSU wins as well as Miami then the ACC will have to big time games in two weeks, if Miami loses then the ACC will be a one horse conference.

Good thing the MLB playoffs have been so good this week because my TV watching has not been up to par, The League this week was weak. I love that show and have them all downloaded on Itunes but this season started so well with the draft with JJ Watts on the season premier but two of this season episode have been lame. Rafi going to LA was lame, and this weeks Andre doing stand up was way to random. Come on guys step up your game.

Why cant i find any good movies to watch right now in the Theater. I hate looking for a show time only to see that there is nothing worth going to see.

Oh yeah by the way …. I still need a hashtag for the Booger and Rich Show … tweet to me your idea and the best hash tag idea ill take you to lunch at Hooters.

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