Police: Man Shot In Stomach While Running Home Naked

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – Jandei Cherry lost his life after he got shot in the stomach while running home naked on Hollywood Boulevard.

Police say Cherry was left abandoned at the beach by a friend who took his clothes and skateboard.

Police were able to get a reenactment of events from Jandei’s mother, Auta Cherry.

Auta said her son’s friend told her they went to the beach after work. The two friends had an argument which resulted in Jandei getting punched by his friend who then took off with his clothes.

Cherry was only about a mile into his 10-mile endeavor when a motorist stopped to check on him. That is when police say Cherry got into a fight with the motorist.

“It is not normal for someone to be running naked down Hollywood Boulevard,” Hollywood police Lt. Osvaldo Perez told the Sun Sentinel. “I think that’s what spiked the other guy’s attention.”

Police said Cherry was shot in the stomach and pronounced dead upon arrival at Memorial Regional Hospital.

Hollywood police have arrested 29-year old Duke Laguere for the shooting.


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