(AUDIO) Lavonte David: The MRSA Outbreak Distracted Us During Preparation for the Eagles

Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Lavonte David joins Booger and Rich every Tuesday at 4:20pm to take you on the field and inside the Bucs locker room.

David said the team can’t control whether or not Schiano will keep his job so he says they just have to focus and can’t get caught up in the rumors. David said that there’s no quit in this team even if the record doesn’t show it. Everyone is still out there fighting and David said that’s a good thing.

Darrelle Revis came out and said the MRSA outbreak was a distraction and David said he agrees with Revis. He said the Bucs had some great practices all week until news broke that there was another outbreak at One Buc. David said the team was worried about it and it detracted from getting ready for Sunday’s game. David said the Bucs are giving them special soap and are taking care of the team to ensure that everyone is safe including things some players with kids can take home to ensure they don’t spread it to their families.

David said from what he knows from Greg Schiano, he doesn’t think he would leak Josh Freeman’s information like the NFLPA is alleging. David did say that you never know but he fully doubts he would do something like that because he’s for the players.

David said that one thing people may no understand about Schiano is that he cares about the players and cares about the job he does. David said he’s a positive guy, a great coach and a great motivator who has their back.

Lavonte David is tied for the lead in tackles with 38 and leads the team with 4 sacks. He says he’s just been taking it one game at a time and the game is starting to slow down. He’s starting understand the play calling and said his defense around him has helped as well. It starts in the film room and then you apply it in practice David said.

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