Assistant District Attorney in California David Zulfa joined Booger and Rich to talk about the tragic passing of Adrian Peterson’s 2 year old son who was beaten and eventually passed away on Friday. Zulfa spoke about the consequences of this terrible act the legal actions that take place in the aftermath.

Zulfa said unfortunately this happens way too often and part of his job is to prosecute those that abuse and kill children. This case happens a lot. Zulfa says you see stepfathers who unfortunately hurt children they’re put in charge of protecting. In some of those situations, the mother is abused as well by their partner but other times the mother may be at work or at the gym or shopping for groceries and unfortunately the stepfather or boyfriend in charge of the children are abusive.

Zulfa said he has no tolerance for people who do this and often times they will have little or no criminal history. Sometimes they do and sometimes drug and alcohol abuse play a factor. Often times they lack that bond with the child because it’s not theirs.

Ultimately Zulfa says it’s difficult to keep track of people like this because there are no national or local registries for people who have a history of this kind of abuse.

Zulfa says these cases are significant enough that there are 2 or 3 cases each assigned to half a dozen attorneys in Zulfa’s office at any given time that involve this kind of abuse. It happens every day. It is an epidemic.


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