Diver Survives Shark Attack For Second Time In 9 Years

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – A diver in Australia is recovering in the hospital following a shark attack – the second one he has lived through in under a decade.

CBS News is reporting that 55-year-old Greg Pickering was diving near Esperance, a city in Australia’s western region, when he was attacked by what investigators say might have been a great white shark.

For Pickering, this harrowing incident may come with a touch of deja vu. In 2004, he was also attacked by a shark, that time while spear fishing just north of Perth.

“One incident has happened in 34 years,” he was quoted as saying to reporters at the time. “I’d say that’s very small odds [of it happening again].”

He then said during the earlier interview that the incident would not stop him from returning to the water.

Pickering is now said to be in stable condition following the Tuesday attack, which resulted in facial and head injuries for the ambitious diver.

In addition to several regions in Australia, multiple parts of Florida are considered to be some of the most dangerous places on Earth in regards to the potential for shark attacks, according to Discovery.com.

“Florida has so many attacks that it warrants two spots on this list,” the site notes on a compiled list on the subject that includes both Brevard and Volusia Counties.


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