Tampa Restaurant Famous For Lion Meat Tacos Goes Extinct

by Stefen Anderson

TAMPA (CBS Tampa Bay) – The niche restaurant made world famous for its lion meat tacos has apparently shuttered its doors, according to WQYK’s Geno Knight.

Taco Fusion made headlines earlier this year when the Tampa Tribune ran a story about the eatery’s fare. Lion, bison, ostrich, rattlesnake, and reindeer were available at the trendy Tampa eatery and it’s owners found themselves appearing on countless cable news talk shows, websites and in magazines as word spread about the uncommon menu options.

Along with finding lobster nachos and the aforementioned lion meat on the Asian and Mexican-tinged menu, you would also find mixed reviews of the food itself on social media. According to the Tampa Tribune, Jennifer Rieger Hauck questioned the owners’ motivations on their Facebook page saying, “How dare you serve this”.

The firestorm soon grew as media outlets like CNN, FOX News and MSNBC all picked up the lion meat headline, but online reviews of Taco Fusion were not exactly kind. Yelp‘s user-powered ratings have Taco Fusion at a mere 2.5 stars, with many reviews questioning both the quality of the food as well as the service.

While management could not be reached for comment, the building that Taco Fusion once occupied remains shuttered. Their website is still up and running, but all of Taco Fusion’s social media accounts have been either suspended or deleted and no calls were returned.

Is this the end of the lion-meat taco in Tampa? Maybe. While the end of the road for Taco Fusion seems to be here, there’s no doubt a demand for the exotic ingredients that once made it both famous and infamous remains.

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