Former Tampa Bay Ray Cliff Floyd joined Rich Herrera and Steve White to talk about Game 3 of the ALDS.

Floyd says the team can’t look at this as a pressure situation and the Rays just need to go out and play the game. They’ve been here already this season when they beat Texas and Cleveland. Floyd said make sure you execute and keep the game close.

Floyd said that fans bring an energy to the players especially in a playoff atmosphere. Floyd said the fans are a pick me up if you’re not mentally confident or you’re struggling.

Floyd said that even guys who don’t get in the game like David Price tonight are crucial to keep the energy in the dugout going. It helps to get younger guys like Wil Myers going and helps keep their confidence up.

With Wil Myers struggling, Floyd says that baseball doesn’t wait around for anyone, but Myers is good enough to overcome any of that. Floyd says it may not be a big hit or play in the outfield that gets him going but it could be going from first to third to get his energy back up. Floyd said he would tell him to slow the game down and don’t press.

Floyd said before pressure packed games like tonight, he would usually listen to music that would chill him out, find a private place to get his mind right and just play.

Floyd says the main thing Joe Maddon will do is he will put them in a position to succeed. The players just have to trust his judgment and let him do his thing.


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