(AUDIO) The Tampa Tribune’s Ira Kaufman Says Greg Schiano’s Seat is Very Hot

Kaufman said in his 28 years in the Tampa Bay area he has never seen this amount of speculation and rumor. He says this is worse than Raheem Morris, worse than Ray Perkins and worse than Bill Parcells turning the Bucs down twice. This is the lowest point of the franchise.

Kaufman said that if the Bucs are in any way responsible for releasing Josh Freeman’s medical information, they deserve all of the wrath they deserve. If that’s the case, Kaufman says the organization is in huge trouble and he thinks there’s more to this story than what has come out already. Thought Kaufman says it could’ve come from many different places including Freeman’s camp.

Kaufman said he doesn’t think Schiano made Freeman miss the team meeting on purpose to make him look bad. He says that simply doesn’t happen and doesn’t make sense.

The team is saying the they are sticking together but Kaufman says we never know what’s going on behind closed doors. He says Bucs fans deserve better than an 0-4 start and management and the coaching staff are running out of time. It’s unacceptable what’s happening right now.

So how hot is the seat for Greg Schiano? Kaufman says it’s very hot and it’s surprising how hot it’s gotten in such little time. He says the fact is that Schiano has won 7 of 20 games but don’t look for a quick hook. Schiano’s fate may lie in the last few games of the season.

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